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  • Submitted by cfreymarc on May 17, 10 at 12:14pm

    Bars are always godo to see people worse off than yourself.

  • Submitted by appleheart on May 17, 10 at 2:20pm

    Journey forever

  • Submitted by Leto on May 17, 10 at 3:53pm

    Does Scrubs constantly do odes to Kiss? Journey is awesome. DON'T STOP. BELIIIEEEVIN. OH-oo-OOOH.

  • Submitted by auburn1107 on May 17, 10 at 9:25am

    My great home state of Alabama never ceases to amaze me :)

  • Submitted by hxck on May 17, 10 at 2:03pm

    I agree, Journey ftw

  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 17, 10 at 5:41pm

    Clearly the glasses and talking to himself meant he was on some form of psychoactive and trying to hide it. You have no idea who he is talking to.

  • Submitted by snarf on May 17, 10 at 2:52pm


  • Submitted by uhateme on May 17, 10 at 9:15am

    Thank you I now also feel better about my self!

  • Submitted by 69_Charger on May 17, 10 at 12:21pm

    Clearly journey no compitition

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    Submitted by specks88 on May 17, 10 at 9:50pm

    Sadly the 60s were crueler to some more than others...

  • Submitted by BlackSheepParty on May 17, 10 at 12:12pm

    if that isn't a self-esteem booster, i don't know what is.

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    Submitted by han420 on May 18, 10 at 12:16am

    Journey. Ps that's awesome

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    Submitted by plan_b on May 17, 10 at 10:45am

    Journey ftw