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  • That happened to me once. But then they got me a McGriddles, and if you don't know...those things are ressurrection city.

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 8, 09 at 2:52am
  • it sounds like a very good day, chicken nuggets AND sex, thats a win

    Submitted by The_Pizza_Man on Jul 23, 10 at 1:13pm
  • Oddly enough I find that mildly adorable on one level and then completely sad on another...

    Submitted by hpd1344 on Jul 10, 10 at 3:03am
  • Ohh yaa my are code bby

    Submitted by notknown on Aug 4, 10 at 5:48am
  • sounds like a good day...

    Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 14, 09 at 10:16pm
  • that's crazy, you can never have too many chicken nuggets!

    Submitted by Shorti on Mar 2, 10 at 7:51pm
  • So...for reals this reminds me of that spanking Shakespeare site. where you enter in random words and it tells you your obituary in a hilarious way.

    Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 22, 09 at 12:21pm