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  • Submitted by Rutherford on Apr 16, 10 at 2:24am

    He's the prince of Compton

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    Submitted by Africandude on Apr 15, 10 at 11:15pm

    I'm the prince of Swaziland, I wasn't faking!

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    Submitted by Stotan1228 on Apr 15, 10 at 6:36pm

    Keeping your options open is a good idea. Diversify.

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    Submitted by ghosts on Apr 15, 10 at 7:27pm

    Wow, so many people jump to the 'slut' conclusion on here. And if it was a guy texting this? I say go for it.

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    Submitted by buberto on Apr 16, 10 at 2:25am

    Wow, you are easy.

  • Submitted by wizart18 on Apr 15, 10 at 10:21pm

    Whore.....enough said

  • Submitted by Beezybcrazy on Apr 15, 10 at 2:25pm

    Omg first!!!!

    • Submitted by Vena on Apr 16, 10 at 8:09am

      Omg fuck off.

  • Submitted by Trippolski on Apr 15, 10 at 2:28pm


  • Submitted by aimeelee76 on Apr 16, 10 at 1:24am

    617? I think I actually know this guy.

  • Submitted by gutsout on Apr 15, 10 at 3:53pm

    Logic at it's finest

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 16, 10 at 1:13pm

    Yuck, they should make a new planet for dumb sluts like u. U bring Shame to the female population

  • Submitted by ShortyDeb on Apr 19, 10 at 9:55pm

    617 he probably is a prince we have enough of them running around!