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  • it was Oregano...Dummy...

    Submitted by Rubes_Carnies on Apr 5, 10 at 9:27am
  • would it be a great idea to put weed in one of those peppercorn grinders? that way it would grind your weed for you

    Submitted by anonny on Apr 5, 10 at 5:16pm
  • This seems like a surprisingly good idea if you don't mind losing a little on the floor.

    Submitted by aerosparrow on Apr 5, 10 at 9:14am
  • Ummm like a grinder?

    Submitted by silpandslide on Apr 5, 10 at 11:22am
  • @ aerosparrow who wouldn't mind losing some bud on the floor?! This idea is retarded

    Submitted by R3dBaron on Apr 5, 10 at 11:20am
  • First! Haha first;)

    Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 5, 10 at 9:39am
  • This is like the dumbest thing I've ever read.

    Submitted by Britbrat20 on Apr 5, 10 at 7:13pm
  • Or you could not put it in a pepper shaker, and just put in in a grinder.I bet the pepper shaker would mess up your weed somehow and waste kief

    Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 6, 10 at 3:35pm