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    Submitted by izee on Mar 27, 10 at 3:39pm

    Alberto E.??

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    Submitted by greenbumho on Mar 27, 10 at 1:24pm


    • Submitted by xsaint on Mar 27, 10 at 11:20pm

      So guys can talk all kinds of shit about how girls look, sometimes out loud so they can hear it, but this isn't cool? Fuck you dickweed

  • Submitted by quoteXunquote on Mar 27, 10 at 11:45am

    HAHA, OH WOW! I have to remember that one for my arsenal of "get the hell away from me" tactics.

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 28, 10 at 10:23pm

    Haha that's funny

  • Submitted by artfreak17 on Mar 27, 10 at 9:40pm

    Beer goggles.

  • Submitted by misslexi on Mar 27, 10 at 7:50pm

    Haha the beauty of iPhone apps is I can send funny things to my facebook friends without actually being on facebook xD

  • Submitted by meghanlovesscott on Mar 27, 10 at 11:41am

    Would hate to be that guy!

  • Submitted by BridgeBuilder88 on Mar 27, 10 at 5:45pm

    That is so very evil, its kind of beautiful. Mostly just evil though.

  • Submitted by Herschel on Mar 27, 10 at 11:53am

    The answer seems obvious. Vodka.

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    Submitted by tease87 on Oct 18, 11 at 9:46pm

    I think this often. Haha