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    Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 12, 10 at 1:13pm

    @11 30 your use of "whore/tramp" really did not help your argument. Just saying.

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 12, 10 at 11:35am

    @ 11:30, i hope you feel like more of a bad ass because you get on an app, that is made for people to laugh at by the way, and have to talk shit about the OP. Get off the app, go fuck yourself.

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    Submitted by LilOne on Mar 13, 10 at 2:16pm

    Plan B: For dumbasses who take no responsibility for their actions

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    Submitted by interviewfails on Mar 12, 10 at 11:11am

    Hahahahahah hilarious.\n\

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    Submitted by ashtiepoo17 on Mar 12, 10 at 4:44pm

    Thank you 11:35.

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    Submitted by LoneWolf54 on May 29, 11 at 7:32am

    Heyy don't be dissin on the Shat... He wasn't half bad way back when. WAY back when.

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    Submitted by mackboy21 on Mar 12, 10 at 6:07pm

    Who DOESNT wanna bang William shatner? HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! skank!!

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    Submitted by IAmRightInfinite on Mar 12, 10 at 3:51pm

    Another text that mentions Plan B. Color me shocked.

  • Submitted by AndyM on Mar 12, 10 at 11:30am

    You whore/tramp. I'm sure your parents would be proud of you. Get some morals and quit fucking strange men. Worthless ass people.

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    Submitted by revoltedhater on Mar 12, 10 at 1:35pm

    He says this because it's his ex wife.