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    Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 12, 09 at 2:30am

    sounds like someone i know...

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 20, 09 at 6:45pm

    whats sad; is i had a party at my house; a girl got really drunk and passed out on my bed with her phone. three seconds later; she puked on it; in the morning she sent a message exactly like that to multiple people. and we're from the 724. :D

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 24, 10 at 5:06pm

    Hahahahhah. I've done that before..because in my dream I turned german

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 24, 09 at 1:12am

    Im so proud to live here!!! LOL

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    Submitted by soccercrazzii1 on Jan 28, 12 at 8:25am

    That was me being drunk last night