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  • I feel spasms sometimes even up to a day after. Don't let him go!

    Submitted by zoeychow on May 22, 16 at 11:21am
  • Supermans sperm would have shot through your body and exited out of your head.

    Submitted by PizdaLvr on May 22, 16 at 4:48pm
  • Oh wow

    Submitted by storystyles on May 26, 16 at 1:03pm
  • Did you break any ribs?

    Submitted by Dioneo on May 24, 16 at 2:12pm
  • I've had this response reported by several women ...

    Submitted by run4ever on May 22, 16 at 6:53am
    • Interesting...define several and Ill let you know exactly how interested!

      Submitted by LexiCan69 on May 23, 16 at 11:00am