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    Submitted by topbosss on Jul 26, 14 at 9:43am

    Almost worthy of dropping to one knee. Hope he was worth it!

  • 82 67
    Submitted by Rotarrin on Jul 26, 14 at 1:13pm

    That's worth more than a hookup. That's worth asking you out on an actual date!

  • 63 57
    Submitted by spydr86 on Jul 30, 14 at 6:08am

    It's unfortunate that hot girls generally don't do stuff like this cuz they're too full of themselves

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    Submitted by Dioneo on Jul 28, 14 at 12:24pm

    If your attitude is that sex is something you give, he's better off without you.

  • 52 42
    Submitted by ColoradoCrazy303 on Aug 12, 14 at 5:46am

    Screw that guy you are awesome!