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  • If it's a female's attraction to her father it's actually an Electra complex.

    Submitted by 2LandBack on May 12, 14 at 11:58am
  • If you're contemplating this dilemma, chances are you've already crossed that line...

    Submitted by lithan on May 18, 14 at 9:40am
  • No. You're fucked one way or the other.

    Submitted by lilkymama on May 12, 14 at 12:49pm
  • Not if you don't want there to be.

    Submitted by MysteryDate on May 12, 14 at 10:11am
  • Electra complex. Oedipus complexes are for boys and their mothers.

    Submitted by ladydisdain on May 12, 14 at 4:55pm
  • Really. No one is going to correct that it would be a mommy complex

    Submitted by iekikalynn on May 18, 14 at 2:46pm
  • A salty, gooey, white, liquid line.

    Submitted by crross on May 12, 14 at 7:39pm