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  • Submitted by g2x on Feb 25, 14 at 5:58am

    Why not? When you are married, you can walk into the bedroom even _without_ a pizza box and expect to get laid!

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    Submitted by Dont_Taze_Me_Bro on Feb 25, 14 at 8:09am

    Yes, yes you can. At least he brought you pizza. Give it up or he will get it from somewhere else.

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    Submitted by puggeroni on Feb 25, 14 at 7:17pm

    I would be down if my husband brought home pizza, but I reaaaaally love pizza.

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    Submitted by economizer on Feb 26, 14 at 2:35am

    So I guess anal is out of the question then?

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    Submitted by Kriztoff on Feb 25, 14 at 2:07pm

    It works for me every time... Wings work too.. Lol

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    Submitted by blahblah213 on Feb 25, 14 at 9:37am

    That should be all it takes.

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    Submitted by Dsapeer on Feb 25, 14 at 1:30pm

    Put out or get out if your married.