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  • Only if you shave your armpits first bitch.

    Submitted by AngrySailor on Dec 8, 13 at 7:43am
  • The annual slaughter of hundreds of dolphins every year in Taiji is sickening, yet only the Sea Shepherds seem to be trying to stop it. If you don't know what's happening in Taiji, check

    Submitted by Wreck_Diver on Dec 8, 13 at 9:07am
  • Someone watched The Cove it seems...

    Submitted by hoodjc on Dec 8, 13 at 1:36pm
  • Try stoned and watching Japanese games shows.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Dec 10, 13 at 12:13am
  • Fuck that RectumDiver, I'm to busy clubbing baby seals.

    Submitted by AngrySailor on Dec 8, 13 at 7:34pm
  • Future husband ?

    Submitted by mndcp on Dec 15, 13 at 12:24am