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  • Plan A better than Plan B

    Submitted by slucketlist on Oct 29, 13 at 3:59pm
  • Aw, the sweetest thing.

    Submitted by kin_in_in on Oct 30, 13 at 12:43pm
  • Ah Humboldt. You never fail to amaze.

    Submitted by Gidgett_zombie on Oct 30, 13 at 12:55am
  • Sounds like you're fault to me. My gf made it a habit when we moved in together to constantly initiate sex so that now, months later, we both know what to expect when I get home from work. It's your job to make sure he knows he should be optimistic about it

    Submitted by spazzbag420 on Oct 29, 13 at 10:51am