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  • Don't ask, don't tell.

    Submitted by exosus on Oct 23, 13 at 8:21am
  • Haha, well done!

    Submitted by Mercen on Oct 23, 13 at 6:48pm
  • Fucked him for shrooms again... I don't know, maybe your mom wants to trip too

    Submitted by SizzlinFingerJak on Nov 12, 13 at 8:02am
  • You screwed up big time with that text. Don't plan on Mom letting her horny little slut off the hook with just an apology. Now that she knows you don't want to talk about it, she's going to let the guilt and agony build for a few days, and then she will ask what you and your ex-bf were doing. Depending on your behavior lately, she may view this as the joys of parenting.

    Submitted by NuckinFuts on Oct 23, 13 at 9:59am
  • Just like you are done with the ex-boyfriend?

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Oct 23, 13 at 8:35pm