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  • Eating on the toilet is nasty. All those butthole particles in the air? Gah!

    Submitted by karma13 on Sep 17, 13 at 12:07pm
  • Not as good

    Submitted by Monnie22 on Sep 20, 13 at 1:30am
  • According to his grammar, his toilet can eat food! That cracked me up.

    Submitted by ilande2012 on Sep 17, 13 at 11:54am
  • That's a good place to do it since Chik-fil-A does awful things to stomachs.

    Submitted by gingerhusker on Sep 17, 13 at 3:53pm
  • Gross. Fucking gross. Why would you eat on the toilet ? Who fucking does that ?? You deserve any and every illness you get. Ewwww!!!

    Submitted by sumtimes on Sep 17, 13 at 11:13am