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  • Submitted by sassy_pants29 on Jul 22, 13 at 3:55pm

    how do u know op isn't the wife of 7 years insisting she be fucked like a hot piece of ass instead of, say, a boring housewife?

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      Submitted by porksword on Jul 22, 13 at 7:26pm

      Boring housewives deserve to get well ploughed every now and then too.

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        Submitted by sassy_pants29 on Jul 22, 13 at 11:44pm

        hell, everyone needs a good fucking every once in a while...

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      Submitted by Rotarrin on Jul 28, 13 at 9:48am

      Yeah, that was how I took it as well.

  • Submitted by jake695 on Jul 22, 13 at 3:13pm

    Exactly what is the pregnant lady position? I know what the get-the-lady-pregnant position is

  • Submitted by dmoney1234 on Jul 22, 13 at 3:15pm

    @jake: it's in the mouth so you don't have to listen to her complain about how uncomfortable she is

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    Submitted by Griffmaster01 on Jul 22, 13 at 8:09pm

    If your wife is still a hot piece of ass after 7 years of marriage, you definitely married the right girl.

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    Submitted by 20000Leagues on Jul 24, 13 at 3:37pm

    I love that position; him on his side, the woman on her back with her legs over his waist and thigh. She can prop herself up on her elbows for more leverage, and use her feet to move with him. Good times.

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    Submitted by Key_umm on Jul 23, 13 at 12:38pm

    He probably just didn't want to look at your face

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    Submitted by drunktexter13 on Jul 22, 13 at 3:24pm

    It astonishes me that these women know full well that the guy us married and they just don't give a fuck

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      Submitted by WV_kiwi on Jul 22, 13 at 9:54pm

      that sounds like his problem, not theirs

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      Submitted by xplicitkontent on Jul 22, 13 at 11:56pm

      The way that I comprehended this, the "hott piece of ass" and the "wife of 7 years" are one and the same, not two different women. I read it like she's either pregnant now or they used the position that they used to utilize when she was pregnant before, and she was complaining kind of... Like please don't be boring and do the same old shit... Fuck me like you used to. Idk...