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  • Or not knowing the difference between than and then.

    Submitted by LD83 on Jul 19, 13 at 4:10pm
  • he could be looking at YOUR naked pictures...or have a raging hard-on. or horrible gas. or all 3. what if he noticed you seeing what he was looking at, then winked and smiled?

    Submitted by TheNorwegian on Jul 19, 13 at 2:48pm
  • I see nothing wrong with this

    Submitted by PHD1026 on Jul 19, 13 at 4:48pm
  • And this is bad???

    Submitted by togatoga on Jul 20, 13 at 10:06pm
  • Other than the guy's total lack of consideration, I'd say the worst thing about this is that phone screens are so small, it's really a waste of good bandwidth. The guy should get a tablet and a room.

    Submitted by fly_bi_night on Jul 20, 13 at 7:38am
  • Reno!!!

    Submitted by dfwrockchick on Jul 20, 13 at 11:10pm
  • Or starring in the porn he is watching.

    Submitted by MILF68 on Jul 20, 13 at 7:22pm