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  • What if it means a vacation from dick? I.e. no dick for a while? That could be horrible, read the fine print before signing.

    Submitted by littletitties on Jun 18, 13 at 7:34pm
  • well. according to the name, it could be a vacation containing much dick, or be build around the concept of dick. on the other hand, english isn't my first language, so I could be mistaken.

    Submitted by polacke on Jun 18, 13 at 10:51am
  • you've got it all wrong. she's going to RICHARD'S ski chalet for vacation. get your mind out of the gutter, people! its SO obvious!

    Submitted by fwbrtb on Jun 18, 13 at 9:32pm
  • Helllll yeahhhhh

    Submitted by Key_umm on Jun 18, 13 at 5:01pm