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    Submitted by fly_bi_night on Jun 8, 13 at 6:52am

    News flash: gays aren't automatically attracted to every male they meet. Get over yourself.

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    Submitted by jimboland50 on Jun 7, 13 at 6:55pm

    not the point...I wanna know the option is there if I was

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    Submitted by RoffMain on Jun 8, 13 at 7:07am

    News flash: we don't care.

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    Submitted by cfreymarc on Jun 7, 13 at 8:39pm

    Just press them till they give a reason. If none, tell them their loss and don't even give them a friend reach. Less overhead in life that way.

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    Submitted by nilesf1 on Jun 8, 13 at 10:58pm

    There are different levels of friendship (zones, if you will). So could you get friendzone-zoned? Like reduced in friend status? That could hurt.