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  • @sLove90\n\n *applouds* thank you for standing up for what is very right. No sarcasm or attack by me. Full support only!

    Submitted by scarswindblade on Apr 20, 13 at 8:05am
  • Somewhere there's a dad that doesn't even know he just died a little inside and obviously didn't do something right...

    Submitted by liquor_n_front on Apr 18, 13 at 4:20pm
    • Liquor_n_front, what a misogynistic and insulting comment. You took a comedic joke and turned it into shaming women who dare say anything scandalous. Furthermore, you are insinuating that strippers are bad people as their fathers didn't "do something right." Perhaps you need to take a step back, look at your life, and allow the negativity and hate to leave. Maybe then you will stop being so judgmental. My dad is extremely proud of me and is an excellent parent much to your chagrin.

      Submitted by SLove90 on Apr 20, 13 at 3:20am