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  • Submitted by slthornhill on Feb 28, 13 at 3:27pm

    That awkward moment when you do this all of the time...

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    Submitted by jetch71 on Feb 28, 13 at 11:15am

    You misspelled awesome

  • Submitted by sunshinesixx on Mar 1, 13 at 2:48am

    This was so me last night but it wasn't easy was almonds.

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    Submitted by funkhmmmm1 on Mar 1, 13 at 1:08am

    At least you had Mac and Netflix. See could have been worse. Like the other dude said you just got laid, other guy said just a Thursday. No hangover Fri. Here comes party time!!

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    Submitted by Key_umm on Feb 28, 13 at 3:25pm

    Sounds like after the booty call leaves :)

  • Submitted by kish10784 on Feb 28, 13 at 10:24pm

    Also known as "Thursday." I fail to see the problem here.