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  • If it isn't, i refuse to be 'normal'!

    Submitted by dictatorforlife on Feb 25, 13 at 10:47am
  • Well, if you had this dream while having sex, I believe it is time to get a new girlfriend. \nBut if you dreamt while sleeping, maybe you just really enjoyed watching shoot 'em up and the walking dead, and that's normal, or at least acceptable.

    Submitted by robertc on Feb 25, 13 at 12:47pm
  • I don't think they're saying that they were dreaming during sex. They're saying that they had a dream about them and some person having sex and shooting zombies simultaneously. OP just has poor sentence structure going on.

    Submitted by Bella_Swan on Feb 26, 13 at 2:15am
  • Dreampt? I applaud your use of phonetics, but no.

    Submitted by jaystreet_46 on Feb 26, 13 at 11:22pm
  • Yep, that definitely gets filed under not normal.

    Submitted by capt_sarcastic on Feb 25, 13 at 10:19am
  • Depends if you were fucking Rick...

    Submitted by Key_umm on Mar 2, 13 at 3:15am
  • You dream *during* sex? No. Not normal.

    Submitted by LD83 on Feb 25, 13 at 9:32am