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  • Submitted by TexasWDollarsign on Jan 27, 13 at 1:37pm

    I think I need to document your relationship on film. You know, for science.

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    Submitted by ThisCantBeReal on Jan 27, 13 at 5:32pm

    Sounds like a pretty fun evening of events to me

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    Submitted by arthurlux on Jan 27, 13 at 4:13pm

    Jeez, girl. You need to get some fuckin' pussy already. Shit ain't right.

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    Submitted by btran587 on Jan 28, 13 at 6:09pm

    Are the tits, positions and pasta simultaneous?

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    Submitted by Binders_of_Women on Jan 27, 13 at 9:21pm

    Sounds like your dad's gotten weird since you moved back home.