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  • Submitted by dmoney1234 on Nov 19, 12 at 3:31pm

    I got head while on air force one - president Clinton

  • Submitted by yupno88 on Nov 19, 12 at 4:16pm

    Lmmfao @ pork. You have the ability to make me laugh until I pee a little!!!

  • Submitted by porksword on Nov 19, 12 at 3:37pm

    Motherfuckin snakes on a plane!

  • Submitted by Croooooooooow on Nov 20, 12 at 3:31am

    I jerked off to Slave Leia while watching Return of the Jedi. Han Solo would...well, truth be told, he's probably fucking sick of all the masturbation jokes at his expense.

  • Submitted by MyDixieNormus on Nov 19, 12 at 11:34pm

    I just watched The Fugitive tonight

  • Submitted by Micholder on Nov 19, 12 at 7:34pm


  • Submitted by kin_in_in on Nov 19, 12 at 4:23pm

    I laughed *while* peeing, but pork sword didn't *make* me pee. Great line though.