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  • Do too much Xanex, you don't wake up. I know a guy that did a bunch onto top of vodka, and he blacked-in after 2 days, while riding a longboard down the street at night!

    Submitted by D_Rock__ on Sep 10, 12 at 4:02pm
    • Take the right amount on top of vodka, and piss all over gf while sleeping.Well that's what my gf tell's me, anyway. I blame it on her Boston terrier

      Submitted by lol_wat on Sep 10, 12 at 4:10pm
  • Everyone seems to know a guy..

    Submitted by Broverbs on Sep 10, 12 at 4:10pm
  • funnily enough weed is far more expensive than it is to refill a prescription

    Submitted by larryburrd on Sep 11, 12 at 9:22am
  • This isn't a sentence. And it's stupid. And it's not a text from last night. And three hundred odd people are equally retarded for liking this.

    Submitted by lowther on Sep 11, 12 at 8:22am
  • Dude, weed is cheaper.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Sep 10, 12 at 11:32pm