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    Submitted by finalflash08 on Sep 6, 12 at 11:36pm

    The World Ends With You?

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    Submitted by clintonftw on Sep 7, 12 at 9:24am

    really... I love how both of u forgot that there are hundreds if not thousands of different cultures with different ideals. who's to say one style of dancing is better than another. judging would be biased and chances are u and your friends would be the fist pumping sluts portraying american stereotypes and going home with the first juiced up dumbass u see. educate and diversify yourself and stfu

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      Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Sep 8, 12 at 4:50am

      And this is just what we have to look forward to running our country and/or raising our kids in the not too distant future.

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      Submitted by erisblake on Sep 9, 12 at 10:25am

      Lighten up. Real dancers could do this. So you think you can dance is an example of competition with dancers of different backgrounds dancing various styles. Not to mention rhythm gymnastics is basically ballet with props, and several different countries compete in this sport during the olympics. So yeah maybe if ppl stop being jackasses and we had more art ed it could happen.