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  • Submitted by wescarter on Aug 7, 12 at 1:40pm

    Number of times his soul has been tortured by the devil

  • Submitted by Eightyeight on Aug 7, 12 at 11:56am

    Eighty Eight

    • Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Aug 7, 12 at 2:01pm

      Number of times he envied his "Uncle" for being able to screw him in the ass.

  • Submitted by chevytx on Aug 7, 12 at 8:33pm

    Yeah West Texas!

  • Submitted by bewbz_n_laserz on Aug 7, 12 at 2:23pm

    Number of times I skull-fucked his mom.

  • Submitted by queenv on Aug 7, 12 at 5:27pm

    I don't know what's more annoying.... "eighty eight", or ensuing "eight eight times" comments ...

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on Aug 7, 12 at 5:12pm

    Think of it this way. The wake you throw for this friend in a few short years will be epic.