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  • way to be an ignorant idiot. just because the seat is warm doesn't mean it was a fat person. How do you know it wasn't a skinny person that had gas that sat there... bask in the ambience asshole .....

    Submitted by winologic on Jul 20, 12 at 5:06pm
    • I agree. my husband is a marine who has to eat a lot an goes to the gym and works out for almost 2 hours a day just to maintain his 160 pounds an the couch or our dining chairs are always warm when I sit where he does, this poster is an absolutely ignorant moron

      Submitted by MzKitty08 on Jul 22, 12 at 3:51am
  • It's also possible that a regular-sized person was sitting there and it's the middle of summer. So.

    Submitted by juunebug on Jul 20, 12 at 6:52pm
  • A warm toilet seat is even more disturbing.

    Submitted by UniqueNordic on Jul 20, 12 at 4:38pm
  • So true. I can't help but think that I am feeling the warmth of someone's farts :'( I also hate it when someone hands me coins that are all sweaty from their hands :S annnddddd did anyone think of Natalie Tran when they read this? ^^

    Submitted by D_Rock__ on Jul 20, 12 at 7:13pm
  • How do you feel about smoke. That was just in someone else's lungs.. Someone not too particular about their health.

    Submitted by kin_in_in on Jul 21, 12 at 11:16am
  • Hahaha\nGreat comments too

    Submitted by drr_b on Jul 20, 12 at 7:01pm
  • I agree with OP, probably a fatass.

    Submitted by Dsapeer on Jul 21, 12 at 2:19pm
  • The american way of life..

    Submitted by Nero905 on Jul 21, 12 at 12:33pm
  • warm seats=fart

    Submitted by nunubeest on Jul 20, 12 at 5:35pm
  • Thinspo.

    Submitted by friedbunnies on Jul 20, 12 at 3:11pm