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    Submitted by Nickly on May 30, 12 at 4:37pm

    she gives you rides to, loser?

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      Submitted by HailCaeser on May 30, 12 at 10:14pm

      Oy!!! fuckwad, respect the granny, you disrespectful shit.

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      Submitted by samtastic on May 30, 12 at 11:21pm

      I agree with HailCaeser. Good grandsons spend time with their grannies, because the grannies always love to see their grandchildren. And if everyone is 21, why shouldn't a granny get drunk with her family? THATS CALLED A PARTY. I get drunk with my granny because she enjoys it, and dammit I enjoy it too! <3 Grannys 4 life!

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    Submitted by cfreymarc on May 31, 12 at 4:47am

    Wuss, start doing vodka shots!

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    Submitted by nunubeest on May 30, 12 at 1:55pm

    well its good thing there's no grandma's around