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  • That's why they call it dope.

    Submitted by porksword on May 10, 12 at 1:49pm
    • People that refer to marijuana as "dope" are misusing the original context of the word. Dope originally referred to opium because of its syrupy consistency since "doop" is the Dutch word for sauce. It was later changed to dope in English and it referred to gravy and was then used to describe what opium looked like. So therefore "dope" being used as a synonym for marijuana is just plain idiotic. So no porksword, that's not why they call it dope.

      Submitted by anon0330 on May 10, 12 at 3:55pm
  • Some people on this site are just dopey.

    Submitted by ElleNicole28 on May 10, 12 at 11:45pm
  • That's pretty dope...

    Submitted by bewbz_n_laserz on May 10, 12 at 11:39pm
  • The other reason is bc your eyes r completely bloodshot.

    Submitted by shamrock2112 on May 11, 12 at 8:07pm