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    Submitted by dmoney1234 on Mar 26, 12 at 1:03pm

    You can add Canadians to that list too. It's funny watching you guys drink 2 of our beers and look like you've had a dozen.

    • Submitted by WrongNumber69 on Mar 26, 12 at 1:08pm

      I'll call bullshit. You're watching the wrong Americans, buddy. I met a Canadian once, he drank like a little girl.

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    Submitted by redlukas on Mar 26, 12 at 5:09pm

    Europe here: you really can't

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    Submitted by enormoustard on Mar 26, 12 at 11:48am

    Not we, just you.

  • Submitted by Authiel on Mar 30, 12 at 3:33am

    Canadian here, went to Florida once and my dad drank 12 pitchers of shitty American beer. My dad rarely drinks. He was barely drunk

  • Submitted by PorkSniffer on Mar 26, 12 at 6:48pm

    2 beers like a dozen. Your alcohol content is off, bud. Never met a Canadian who can handle alcohol.

  • Submitted by osteobabe on Mar 26, 12 at 2:12pm

    I have to agree with dmoney, when I've seen Americans drinking in Britain they just can't handle it.

  • Submitted by PenisVagina on Mar 28, 12 at 12:12am

    Canadians suck at drinking, America is where it's at.