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  • As the creepy gas station attendant clutched his chloroform rag with a wry smile.

    Submitted by escodiesel on Mar 1, 12 at 10:06am
  • Are they shoving gummy bears in their arse?

    Submitted by MOhead34 on Mar 2, 12 at 1:04am
  • Or they are very confused on how gummi bears are consumed.

    Submitted by Ritard on Mar 1, 12 at 10:37am
  • I just envisioned one of the one pound gummy bears slicked in astroglide.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Mar 1, 12 at 11:14am
    • That'll bear ly fit it they're gonna do what everyone here is thinking.

      Submitted by porksword on Mar 1, 12 at 1:03pm
  • Is Sandusky on the prowl again for young boys?

    Submitted by hacker201 on Mar 1, 12 at 2:11pm