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  • Play the Mission Impossible theme as you search.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Feb 18, 12 at 2:27pm
  • Opiates are good for starting random absurd projects

    Submitted by Chauncey666 on Feb 18, 12 at 9:05pm
  • To get out you must take the left tunnel.

    Submitted by slaesar on Feb 19, 12 at 2:31am
  • Attic version of Temple Run?!

    Submitted by MeOlly on Feb 18, 12 at 3:27pm
  • This is a great text and I love the thoughtful and supportive comments. Great day for TFLN!

    Submitted by DOGFARTS on Feb 19, 12 at 10:33am
  • I'll have what he's having.

    Submitted by Teh_Faye on Feb 20, 12 at 2:56pm
  • When I first read it I thought it said huggie bottle, like those little barrel-shaped fruit juices. Either way, nice.

    Submitted by kuebby on Jul 4, 13 at 11:39am
  • "Dr. Jones....Dr. Jones"

    Submitted by HailCaeser on Feb 19, 12 at 2:50pm