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  • Submitted by shaveydavey on Feb 5, 12 at 7:56pm

    Ohhhhh Canadaaaaa!

  • Submitted by 1run4fun on Feb 7, 12 at 3:35am

    What I would do to wake up like that...

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    Submitted by dmoney1234 on Feb 5, 12 at 11:21pm

    Goosetastic- you must be American to make a retarded comment like that.

  • Submitted by goosetastic on Feb 5, 12 at 1:40pm

    must suck kissing a guy with dentures but at least he's "slick" in bed

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    Submitted by SauceQueen on Feb 5, 12 at 2:10pm

    I bet all that jaw flappin' made for some interesting foreplay.