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  • Submitted by escapedlunatic on Jan 30, 12 at 4:40pm

    How could this alarm anyone?\n\nI don't mean to alarm you guys, but I may have just posted a comment

  • Submitted by Ritard on Jan 30, 12 at 11:49am

    Doesn't bother me. You're the one who swallowed it.

  • Submitted by porksword on Jan 30, 12 at 11:38am

    It's ok, I'll get more.

  • Submitted by golfonatic on Jan 30, 12 at 11:28am

    don't worry, I'm not alarmed

  • Submitted by puffandstuff on Jan 30, 12 at 12:26pm

    That's good and all but where is my sandwich?

  • Submitted by SauceQueen on Jan 31, 12 at 6:13am

    Ketchup packets are just free tomato soup for poor college kids, the subordinate of Ramen.

  • Submitted by artard on Jan 30, 12 at 5:07pm

    No mustard?