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  • I'm guessing 2009 is, all right, I admit I have daddy issues.

    Submitted by joe_the_g on Nov 17, 11 at 2:03pm
  • whoa bit early to be claiming still clean we still have a month and a half.

    Submitted by JohnTheBaptist on Nov 17, 11 at 2:29pm
  • I guess thats better then "365 days of fucking random hobos, entire frat houses and anyone I found under the bridge on Tuesday"

    Submitted by nunubeest on Nov 17, 11 at 4:42pm
  • Bahaha I was present for this/know this dude

    Submitted by slyp823 on Nov 18, 11 at 1:16am
  • Dirty.

    Submitted by amitch17 on Nov 17, 11 at 6:54pm
  • Nah that will be subplot for I have hep a & c in 2012

    Submitted by Malicius on Nov 17, 11 at 2:23pm
  • Ew nasty skeezer

    Submitted by 3one3 on Nov 19, 11 at 4:57am
  • you think you're clean. I'm sure you have herpes and hpv. you'll hav an outbreak sooner or later.

    Submitted by xo_lily on Nov 17, 11 at 10:42pm