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    Submitted by NotAnonymous321 on Nov 9, 11 at 10:15am

    You can't continuously start moaning. You can started moaning. You can continuously moan. You can repeatedly start moaning. But continuous implies an ongoing activity, and "starting" is an instantaneous thing.

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      Submitted by DerKarismatisch on Aug 12, 12 at 1:14am

      Began moaning continuously. Suck it.

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    Submitted by thatpeskyguy on Nov 9, 11 at 11:55am

    I think she meant simultaneously

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    Submitted by GA_Peach on Nov 9, 11 at 4:00pm

    Lmao, a male faker.

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    Submitted by bad_kitty on Nov 9, 11 at 4:29pm

    Haha... Either that what a great move, the drunk doesn't know the difference... Or your that bad, and the drunk doesn't know the difference.