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  • That gives me a great idea for a toilet montage!

    Submitted by porksword on Oct 7, 11 at 1:43pm
  • The first time I read it I thought it said "cooch montage".. Really gives the text whole new meaning.

    Submitted by dericky on Oct 7, 11 at 1:57pm
  • Took me a solid 5 minutes to figure out why a "couch mortgage" would involve a collection of photographs.

    Submitted by nipsespin on Oct 7, 11 at 8:00pm
  • @KurtisLegend - There has never been, nor will there ever be, a scenario where that statement is accurate.

    Submitted by BobLoblaw138 on Oct 8, 11 at 12:26am
  • Too bad "Photograph" by Nickelback wasn't playing in the background.

    Submitted by KurtisLegend on Oct 7, 11 at 10:46pm
  • Publish it

    Submitted by tiffanylikespie on Dec 27, 12 at 7:11pm