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  • Submitted by toosweetfortreat on Sep 22, 11 at 1:17pm

    Holding your penis while shitting and pretending it's a lightsaber does not mean hitting a button will make it grow.

    • Submitted by vieve92 on Sep 23, 11 at 5:47am

      dude i'm a chick.

  • Submitted by mattmac91 on Sep 22, 11 at 5:58pm

    His poo is on the darkside

  • Submitted by TubeSounding on Sep 22, 11 at 1:50pm

    May the Force be with poo?!

  • Submitted by MacDrewber on Sep 23, 11 at 3:02pm

    Just wait til he has sex with a girl that isn't inflatable.

  • Submitted by nunubeest on Sep 24, 11 at 3:49pm

    was the lightsaber in both hands and one in your vag and you were fighting all general grievous style?

  • Submitted by marebearstare on Sep 23, 11 at 12:28am

    You are my hero.

  • Submitted by wdebruin on Sep 22, 11 at 10:10pm

    my dream, take a dumb while hitting a bong/ j. poo-toke, poke? hit-dump, hump? other ideas?

  • Submitted by bigjohnny37 on Sep 25, 11 at 4:39am

    Why does this not surprise me only in ak

  • Submitted by murstang on Sep 22, 11 at 1:24pm

    Whose was it?

  • Submitted by dickstomp on Sep 23, 11 at 11:27pm

    Better than taking a shit with a light saber in your ass.....