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  • Submitted by thereal501 on Jul 3, 11 at 12:39pm

    Shame! Encouraging friends to ruin marriages! Even worse of kid are involved!

  • Submitted by citizenjane23 on Jul 3, 11 at 11:17am

    Is he married? If so, then no, OP's still a homewrecker.

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    Submitted by Debbiedowner on Jul 3, 11 at 3:36pm

    I hate to be a downer but you give horrible advice and your friend is a whore.

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    Submitted by Michguy on Jul 3, 11 at 11:18am

    A stretch on the justification I'd say.

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    Submitted by nadzie on Jul 3, 11 at 8:41pm

    It's advise like this that allows slutty girls to think there doing nothing wrong when clearly they are. It might take two to tango but two wrongs don't make a right.... Put urself in the wifes shoes, how do u feel about it now?

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      Submitted by soccer360 on Jul 3, 11 at 11:50pm

      nadzie...that is spot on! no worse feeling!

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    Submitted by Deebo5050 on Jul 4, 11 at 1:30am

    Options are important. Options are the American way. Happy 4th!

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 3, 11 at 11:13pm

    Only in the 309

  • Submitted by taylortunetracy on Jul 3, 11 at 2:33pm

    Hey, she's not the one who made a commitment with the wife. If she's not intending to break them up/start a relationship w/him knowingly, then it's simply being a mistress

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    Submitted by kittykatmeow89 on Jul 3, 11 at 12:40pm

    It's not always the man being seduced sometimes it's the other way around... Just saying.

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    Submitted by bnh20 on Jul 3, 11 at 11:46am

    What's "OP" ? jw

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      Submitted by Vulpus on Jul 3, 11 at 11:53am

      Original Poster, or the person who posted the text in this case. That said, citizenjane screwed up -- its OP's friend that's the homewrecker.

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    Submitted by slutsgetit on Aug 11, 13 at 12:14am

    Writer should be a spin doctor in DC