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  • .. and then I fucked each and every one of them" - OP

    Submitted by ssimkins89 on Jun 4, 11 at 1:38pm
  • And then one of them took out a cup...

    Submitted by enormoustard on Jun 5, 11 at 2:41am
  • poor little rich girls.

    Submitted by JimHalpert on Jun 5, 11 at 5:54am
  • Sounds like a night out in New Orleans.

    Submitted by lpoche819 on Jun 5, 11 at 4:34am
  • Total nut jobs.. Sounds like a cross between a daycare and a Zoo

    Submitted by NinaRawz on Jun 5, 11 at 12:38am
  • Op stopped the chicks that were puking and said your gonna be ok made them use colgate banged em stopped the other chicks from crying banged em and the rest of the chicks that were yelling well they just started yelling something completely different :)

    Submitted by R3X on Jun 4, 11 at 4:57pm
  • Oh Schaumburg, IL please come back to Barleycorns @ Wrigleyville soon... Yikes.

    Submitted by sloopin on Jun 4, 11 at 9:26pm