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  • My douchebag college roommate got his ass kicked by a dude in a wheelchair one night at a bar. He pulled a dick move and knocked the dude's chair over, but once little wheely got his hands on my old roomy, it was over. Turns out wheely was a wrestler.

    Submitted by enormoustard on May 15, 11 at 3:44pm
  • You're supposed to drink jungle juice, not throw it

    Submitted by Allah on May 15, 11 at 3:01pm
  • Hell yeah

    Submitted by 6541 on May 15, 11 at 11:17am
  • My dads best friend is in a wheel chair and beat the shit outta two drunk guys that broke into his house than set the dog on them. Great night!

    Submitted by jordangage09 on May 15, 11 at 6:00pm
  • I've seen a guy fuck some people up with his nub. He doesn't even fight with his good arm.

    Submitted by kbthatsme on May 17, 11 at 1:34pm
  • I found out there is wheel chair fencing recently. I want to compete with them.

    Submitted by EMTPirate on May 15, 11 at 5:53pm