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  • Submitted by captainC on Mar 18, 11 at 3:56pm

    I hope this is a dude with one ball.

  • Submitted by Braindawgs on Mar 18, 11 at 2:33pm

    A few texts earn the right to be favored by me, this happens to be one of them. Good one!

  • Submitted by anonymouse4 on Mar 19, 11 at 7:20am

    Lance Armstrong?

  • Submitted by CapN_Winky on Mar 18, 11 at 9:24pm

    is it red with a strap?

  • 95 85
    Submitted by anono_mouse on Mar 18, 11 at 6:06pm

    One ball @a time.

  • Submitted by Wimminz on Mar 18, 11 at 7:22pm

    Get your balls off the basketball court

  • 48 59
    Submitted by Pancakefield on Dec 30, 11 at 5:52pm

    You stay classy, San Diego.