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  • Submitted by StrayWolf on Mar 3, 11 at 5:27pm

    Fake. Naps on floors r IMPORENT

  • Submitted by ambur on Mar 3, 11 at 7:02pm

    Damn dirty hippies!!! Lol

  • Submitted by manlaw6 on Mar 3, 11 at 3:04pm

    This is obviously fake, hipsters are too clean to sleep on a bathroom!

  • Submitted by cfodse13 on Mar 4, 11 at 7:57pm

    This is great.. And I can believe this is real, somethin I can see my friends or I doing lol

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    Submitted by whiterabbit920 on Mar 3, 11 at 5:40pm

    did that at an erberts and gerberts. 3 hours after puking my guts out