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    Submitted by GoodLuckImWhite on Feb 17, 11 at 7:40pm

    Anyone who said this was a good night is dumb. Drinking should be illegal!!!

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    Submitted by iDICK on Feb 19, 11 at 3:52pm

    I'm suprised it wasn't me who created this o-so-truthful text

  • 69 76
    Submitted by deuce on Feb 17, 11 at 2:43pm

    The bitch of it is after a rocky montage you want to drink alone.

  • 64 70
    Submitted by wavesquirrel on Feb 19, 11 at 8:17am

    Solo-drinking is my final frontier.

  • 64 78
    Submitted by colan08 on Feb 17, 11 at 11:51pm

    We're gonna need a montage! Even Rocky had a montaaaoouuge!

  • 63 80
    Submitted by shskejunt on Feb 18, 11 at 11:49am

    Goodluckimwhite you just try to start trouble, you know it to. You should be banned good sir.