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  • so I drank every time we said anything related to advertising strategies when reviewing for marketing. This may explain why i was still drunk at 3. 5 hours after the test and i was puking during the college newspaper meeting today

    Submitted by Thisguy18 on Dec 7, 10 at 9:39pm
  • (Insert alcohol chemical formula joke here)

    Submitted by Maze95 on Dec 7, 10 at 3:45pm
  • Try a drinking game based on physical chemistry! We were reciting the periodic table and drinking when an orbital subset was complete.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Dec 7, 10 at 4:57pm
  • This might explain how you're a drop-out in 1 year. Save this text to your phone.

    Submitted by loriann87 on Dec 7, 10 at 5:20pm
  • Unhindered backside attack!

    Submitted by sl0wsarahm0 on Dec 8, 10 at 12:02pm