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  • Submitted by ttesroD on Nov 28, 10 at 8:06pm

    There is nothing that can make this not sound gross.

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    Submitted by runji606 on Nov 28, 10 at 2:08pm

    My roommate took shots from a turkey baster!

  • 90 74
    Submitted by marsho on Nov 29, 10 at 10:38pm

    Enema squirter?

  • 77 74
    Submitted by loriann87 on Nov 28, 10 at 7:31pm

    I'm with michguy on this one.

  • 82 84
    Submitted by bankdis on Nov 28, 10 at 2:44pm

    Turkey basters make awsome BHO!

  • Submitted by Michguy on Nov 28, 10 at 5:35pm

    Sounds like a lez using it to squirt cum up her gf to get her preg.

  • Submitted by gulfcoasthonky on Nov 29, 10 at 5:28am

    Why is it when your drunk fucking a random bitch you always want to put something in her ass, or is that just me?

  • Submitted by rick_scott on Nov 28, 10 at 1:21pm

    This sounds filthy, out of context. Fired!