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  • Fuck enough with the damn four loko already. You dumbfucks already proved you can't drink like that

    Submitted by H8torade on Nov 12, 10 at 1:47pm
  • goddamn i miss scranton

    Submitted by grimloch88 on Nov 12, 10 at 3:45pm
  • I know where in 570 to get these...get em all the time

    Submitted by tru on Nov 12, 10 at 2:42pm
  • This makes me ashamed of Luzerne County. I might need to move back to ancestral Sugar Notch or Swoyersville so that someone can keep an eye on the kids when Loko-zerneans are running around drunk.

    Submitted by nickidewbear on Nov 19, 10 at 8:35pm
  • Every pantry quick and convenient, in the Hazleton area

    Submitted by PyroZach on Nov 13, 10 at 8:51am
  • No not willimsport...if you know Wilkesbarre you can find this place lol...just over the bridge

    Submitted by tru on Nov 14, 10 at 10:48am
  • I just wanted to say- BEST IDEA EVER. I know what I'm doing toniiiiight

    Submitted by Aidennnnnnn on Nov 13, 10 at 1:17pm
  • They have them at the CFM in Simpson. If you know where that is.

    Submitted by xthatssomorbidx on Mar 15, 11 at 10:09am
  • Williamsport?

    Submitted by mmk90 on Nov 12, 10 at 9:36pm
  • Pierce street convenient!!!

    Submitted by sammyd570 on Dec 7, 12 at 5:45pm
  • Lol it's a conv. Store in Kingston like 5 mins away from wilkesbarre square

    Submitted by tru on Nov 14, 10 at 10:46am
  • Kingston.

    Submitted by mscoyote on Nov 13, 10 at 12:20am
  • Goodfella's Pizza in West Side sells them.

    Submitted by toxicstarzx on Dec 6, 13 at 4:22pm