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  • Submitted by Leto on May 18, 10 at 4:01pm

    You know when i'm down to my socks its time for business. That's why they're called business socks, it's business it's business time.

  • Submitted by JackBerton on May 18, 10 at 2:28pm

    Well, if you're that forgiving he should just hit ya with surprise buttsex and knock all 3 out in one shot. At least then his feet would be toasty, and he'd have some hilarious photo's to post.

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    Submitted by LT_Havoc on May 18, 10 at 4:48pm

    Well if you're playing by intramural softball rules you start at a 1-1 count. So technically he could already be out.

  • Submitted by yourmomistasty on May 18, 10 at 3:24pm

    Lol hell yeah nothing makes a girl scream like suprise butt sex!

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      Submitted by lalalalalalala on May 19, 10 at 3:40am

      ...nothing to pop a sphincter muscle like surprise butt sex! yay for uncontrollable pooping!

  • Submitted by Anonymous_0 on May 18, 10 at 2:24pm