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  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 8, 10 at 11:47am

    Everyone hates u bitch.

  • Submitted by JJdoggie on May 8, 10 at 11:18am

    Cum Dumpster

  • Submitted by guitar_boy on May 8, 10 at 11:12am

    Your a dirty f%u€king slu

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    Submitted by Anonymous on May 8, 10 at 12:03pm

    No one gives a fuck about your that's what she said jokes. That shit is so two thousand late. Go promote your stupid site elsewhere jackass

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    Submitted by textualChocolate on May 8, 10 at 11:57am

    Then you'll be playing an even better game called "give me child support", including a bonus round titled "wage garneshment". Wow you're so cool...loser

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    Submitted by JerseyHatesYou2 on May 11, 10 at 10:41am

    I love how everyone is all uptight and fucking rude, this site is supposed to make people laugh, not instigate a fucking "im better then you" speech. you people are pathetic, grow up or go away..

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    Submitted by kaitykins on May 8, 10 at 11:08am


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    Submitted by Michguy on May 8, 10 at 12:54pm

    Um...hello, plan b.

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    Submitted by RaCk on May 8, 10 at 6:36pm

    This is a real question... seriously... Does ANYONE use protection anymore??? No I'm dead serious.\nAnd with (what it seems as though) EVERYONE having sex without using protection our country is going to be running ramped with STDs it's not even funny.

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    Submitted by Anonymous on May 8, 10 at 11:21pm

    I watch that show everyday. Can't wait for your episode.

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    Submitted by GoldenMe on May 8, 10 at 6:56pm

    wow! this isn't something you should be so flippant about honey. I agree with Rack, does no one use protection anymore

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    Submitted by fd1 on May 8, 10 at 12:10pm

    lol the hardest thing to do when your not wearing a rubber is pull out hahaha

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    Submitted by Rohandrius on May 10, 10 at 3:59am

    Orgies would be so much more enjoyable if this weren't a problem. Same for STD's. Probably the only things keeping me from planning one.

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    Submitted by McCreepin on May 10, 10 at 2:38am

    people on here are so sexist. anytime a guy texts about getting ass its 'awesome' and a girl does the same and is a cum bucket?? im pretty sure she doesnt actually mean she's pregnant. sarcasm, people. i think its hilarious!

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    Submitted by Anonymous on May 9, 10 at 8:24pm

    6.36, running ramped?

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    Submitted by devdev on Jun 27, 10 at 2:58am

    ha I actually think maurys good for you!!

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    Submitted by APromiseToBurn on May 8, 10 at 9:14pm

    That show is a waste of air time!!!? 